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Click on an Angel to View its Spiritual Message and Affirmation
Angel Touches are a numbered series of beautiful hand-held art sculptures.    Each angel nestles snugly in your hand for comfort and inspiration.   They are uniquely designed to be felt, rubbed or carried in a pocket, or bag to feel the closeness of spirit.
Angel of Love
Angel of Healing
Angel of Peace
Individually hand-polished pewter angel art sculptures

2 1/2 inches in height and 1-2 ounces in weight

Packaged in a velour drawstring bag with an inspirational message tag and daily affirmation

White leatherette box, optional

Display case, optional

Angel of Joy
Angel of Comfort
Angel of Friendship
Angel of Guidance
Angel of Protection
New to the Angel Touches line this year is the Angel of Protection.  This Angel kneeling and cradling a baby, is a symbol of God's love for children of all ages!   The Angel of Protection, is as soothing to touch, as it is nurturing to the soul as a lovely piece of art.